this burnie dude must have Alzheimer’s. And no recollection of the history of America lol these corrupted politicians and wannabe somebody needs to join the circus with the rest of them, clowns, Matthes even if you’re a Republican or whatever conservative. How can you even pretend to think that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about this guy doesn’t use notes this guy doesn’t use a teleprompter saying for 40 years.  the Vegan Just to annoy you shirt  Bernie is the best choice for president. I was and he remembered every single detail of everything he has been needed of it in 2016 and I’m more convinced of it now. Don’t shoot yourselves in the foot America, you have an opportunity to make lives better for yourselves and your children, think/vote/ Bernie Sanders 2020.

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Vegan Just to annoy you long sleeve l and ladies shirt

Vegan Just to annoy you long sleeve

Long sleeve

Vegan Just to annoy you ladies shirt

Ladies shirt

This moron has no clue about real life. Bashing trump is all he’s good at. He says things like I will fix the whole world and I will make all countries come together but what about America. How you gonna do all these things. Gotta love socialism I will never vote for this socialist after what he and his terrible followers did to help get trump elected. Never. the Vegan Just to annoy you shirt  Democrats play identity politics. They’re the ones constantly making an issue of race, sexual orientation, gender, and whatever else. The rest of us couldn’t care less about what color you are, who you love, or what you identify as just do you and don’t make it someone else’s problem.

Vegan Just to annoy you sweater  and hoodie

Vegan Just to annoy you sweater


Vegan Just to annoy you hoodie


I’m watching. I didn’t realize he’s on the Democratic ticket. Good. I didn’t like the way he answered or didn’t answer that woman’s question of what he would do to help poor rural people that get flooded somewhere in Maryland I think it was near the coast. the Vegan Just to annoy you shirt    He could have talked about insurance companies and even throwing their homes on stilts as they do on other coasts. I’m no expert but he should have mentioned something. I loved what he mentioned dental hearing and eyeglasses for seniors and I’ll add disabled. Somebody needs to look into that dentistry. Lots of poorer people lose teeth and that doesn’t give you the confidence to go out to look for a job.



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