Henderson and that is because Moscow Mitch won’t allow anything meaningful to get done! He is a buffoon obstructionist doing the bidding of an ignorant, wanna-be dictator! This is the Trump Impeach Pelosi shirt “leadership” in the history of our once great nation. Look at all the people blaming Mitch. The bills put forth do nothing for the people. Most have to do with protecting illegal immigrants, protecting abortion, controlling cow farts, and so on. When will the Dems actually do something useful for American citizens. As for this great nation, the swamp needs to be drained and it is happening.

Trump Impeach Pelosi hoodie, sweater and ladies shirt

Trump Impeach Pelosi hoodie


Trump Impeach Pelosi ladies shirt

Ladies shirt

Trump Impeach Pelosi sweater

Trump Impeach Pelosi sweater

Look who is talking the ex-mayor who messed up his own city and the Trump Impeach Pelosi shirt for the presidency what a joke. The impeachment process is illegal hence the subpoena is useless. Democrats hid 2 whistleblowers who for all we know they are Democrats and the same Democrats want Trump to give them free access to information to build their case against him. As far as the media’s concerned, the whistleblower has more credibility than the transcript of the call has. You want to talk about going crazy. We’ve got the transcript of the phone call. It doesn’t matter how many whistleblowers claim to have heard something else.



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