Televised award show where people who play pretend for a living give each other awards no thanks, hard pass for me. He did a great job. I could care less about the rest of it. But I love the queen. Adam Lambert is a talented guy and has a great voice. No host because they chased away the best host they could have had in over a decade. Wouldn’t have been one political joke at all from the host. the Skull dogs shirt Would have been an actual comedy. And why. All because they wanted him to apologize for the 1 time for something he said years ago. Proud of hart for refusing. Even further disappointed by the Hollywood machine for refusing to get to out of its own way.

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Skull dogs long sleeve  and ladies shirt

Skull dogs long sleeve

Long sleeve

Skull dogs ladies shirt

Ladies shirt

Singing we are the champions to this crowd of most elite Hollywood chumps really got them going, making them feel even more entitled I love Queen and Adam Lambert, however , the network screwed up the sound/ audio. I only watched the opening to see and hear them. Epic fail. I hope bohemian rhapsody wins an Oscar. But even with no host, they want to make political digs. Which is mine again I’m not watching the show. Don’t waste my time with the Skull dogs shirt from the narcissistic hypocrites. Let them pat each other on the back to make themselves seem important. I would watch the Oscars, but I would rather get away from the news, the left-wing negative, Trump-bashing, politics (there’s enough of that during the week).

Skull dogs sweater  and hoodie

Skull dogs sweater


Skull dogs hoodie


I’m just not interested in how they award themselves whoever is thinking that follows of fox news on facebook give and amount of shits about that self-congratulatory show is out of touch with their audience..we don’t care, not even a little bit. I never watch cars even before they bashed president trump this was good but as soon as the first three women came on I turned it off. They were awful and immediately hit on politics. I came for entertainment, not political crap. Adios. I just google the Skull dogs shirt tomorrow. No annoying speeches and no annoying commercials I quit watching those award shows. I haven’t watched any nighttime talk shows in over 2 years. Or SNL. Ever since they went way left I tuned out.  I’ll watch it on youtube, no way will i watch a bunch of American hating people who have no clue what hard-working Americans really want for this nation












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