The vast majority of the countries that signed the Purranormal cativity shirt agreement are dictatorships or one-party system where citizens don’t dare to question their political leaders. Can you imagine the Russians or the Chinese demanding that their government adhere to emissions reductions. On average, China builds 2 new coal power plants per month with a long term plan of between 300 and 500 new coal power plants by 2030. Where’s Joe Biden and every other Libtard on that issue. Trump knows more than ‘all the scientists in the history of the world’ and knows everything about the non-effects of climate change, he certainly made a fool of himself with respect to Hurricane Dorian.

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Purranormal cativity sweater, hoodie, and ladies shirt

Purranormal cativity hoodie


Purranormal cativity ladies shirt

Ladies shirt

Purranormal cativity sweater


From never having heard of a Category 5 strength hurricane despite 3 of them have occurred on his watch to predicting that Alabama was in the path of Hurricane Dorian and then doubling up on his stupid and ignorant claim, he uses his personalized Sharpie in an attempt to justify his lies. Talk about Joe Biden. didn’t quite get enough money for his last mansion on the last scam. And Trump ending creepy joes favorite scam that was making him, has got to be implemented again so that last mansion creepy joe has is paid in full before he starts the building of another mansion or buys another Jet to travel over to the sex island that creepy.


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