Where all the Irish and Italian mafia criminals came from. The European immigrants were so nice even slavery wouldn’t put them in shame so don’t tell me Latinos are any worse than them. Obviously, I disagree with you. He is doing a good Pompeii Fun Run AD 79 Vintage shirt. The country is in better shape than it has been in a long time. Why on earth would you say lady liberty is shamed by his presidency. I am anxious to hear why. The united states are, and will always be a refuge for those seeking to rid themselves from persecution. We only ask that when you come here you do it the proper way why is that so hard to understand.

Pompeii Fun Run AD 79 Vintage shirt, sweater, hoodie, long sleeve and ladies shirt

Pompeii Fun Run AD 79 Vintage sweater


Pompeii Fun Run AD 79 Vintage ladies shirt

Ladies shirt

Pompeii Fun Run AD 79 Vintage hoodie


The Pompeii Fun Run AD 79 Vintage shirt of Liberty was a gift to the American people from the French people to commemorate the alliance of France and the United States during the American Revolution. It has nothing to do with immigration. The poem and the plaque it’s on are not original to the statue but were added later when the poem was used to raise money for the base the statue stands on. Remove the plaque maybe put it on the home of Andrew Cuomo, since it turned the meaning of the Statue for something it wasn’t intended for. Or add it to the pile of other statues removed because they hurt someone’s feelings.

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