Probably it’s more in Trump favour if this case going to courts instead and the only hope is that the Pink Floyd guitar signature shirt to come up stronger and more on the same page and put the cultist Trump face to face with the law especially the one he’d broken over and over again. So you voted for a lawless dictator that claims to be transparent but refuses to co-operate with a legal enquiry. Can you imagine the cartwheels the right would be doing if this was a Democratic President doing these things whilst in office. I find it entertaining how the Dems are circling the wagons. They really aren’t accustomed to the republicans fighting back. How refreshing it is. Get a gripe! The House of Representatives doesn’t have to take over from Trump.

Pink Floyd guitar signature hoodie, sweater and ladies shirt

Pink Floyd guitar signature hoodie


Pink Floyd guitar signature ladies shirt

Ladies shirt

Pink Floyd guitar signature sweater


He is the one being investigated. I thought they had the Pink Floyd guitar signature shirt to impeach him. But now they are sounding like Mr President Sir, please can you allow us to impeach you. the house is pathetic . just like the news outlet broadcasting the news. Go to FOX and watch the press meeting from this morning that CNN won’t post. Watch what happened and you will be smarter than 50% of Americans. Trump is not going to be impeached. adam Schiff got owned and called out for his lies and now the democrat party is going to throw him under the bus. Another notch in Trump’s belt. Guess what, Trump will also be elected with 56% or more of the vote in 2020.


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