The Norway Flag Lefse rolling team shirt would do or say anything on any network for two bits. If payphones still existed, he would be that guy standing on a street corner asking everyone for a quarter. His present-day strength is that he is peddling his propaganda on the two-bit CNN propaganda media network. You are more of an optimist than I am. His followers are so mesmerized that they are incapable of seeing through him. Now if by allies you mean countries, we are almost there. The left has been trying to defame him for 3 years. And nothing has happened. In 2020 you will see a record number of voters because of how divided this country is. Trump will win popular and electoral votes.

Norway Flag Lefse rolling team shirt, sweater, hoodie, long sleeve and ladies shirt

Norway Flag Lefse rolling team hoodie


Norway Flag Lefse rolling team ladies shirt

Ladies shirt

Norway Flag Lefse rolling team sweater


Last year people either didn’t vote or voted for Hilary because Trump was a wild card. Now they see a booming economy, low unemployment, record wages, and no like the Norway Flag Lefse rolling team shirt. They see what he brings and he will win substantially. Anyone with common sense sees that democrats are divided themselves in their party. The whites that love Trump are either wealthy or uneducated, this is a small percentage of viter less than 25% the problem is they care only about their lives and not carrying for the other 300 million Americans, that is not democracy. In a couple of years, you won’t be able to find anyone that admits to voting for Trump. The same way all the Bush voters suddenly disappeared around 2006. Only this time it happens a lot faster.


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