The United States civilization was established and maintained by white Europeans. our country was maintained by them at first. The Indians didn’t own anything, their culture wasn’t advanced enough to be able to have landlords and landholders like theĀ  Iron Maiden Halloween Of The Wolf Shirt. The Indians simply inhabited the lands, they didn’t build the Civilization known as the United States, that was all accomplished by the white settlers. Our culture was superior in every sense and that is how they successfully built a superpower. There is a difference between inhabiting a piece of land and owning it. THIS is how many nations are built actually. We are not unique in this sense.

Iron Maiden Halloween Of The Wolf Shirt, sweater, hoodie, long sleeve and ladies shirt

Iron Maiden Halloween Of The Wolf hoodie


Iron Maiden Halloween Of The Wolf sweater


Iron Maiden Halloween Of The Wolf ladies shirt

Ladies shirt

I’m defending my heritage, from liberal hippie scum like you. It’s also the truth despite what you may believe. And don’t put down European colonialism or European civilization because of their accomplishments and use the term racist as a last resort to defend your petty argument. And it’s quite pathetic. The Indians were nomadic people and they didn’t stay in one place, making them incapable of infrastructure, etc. I’m only saying the Iron Maiden Halloween Of The Wolf Shirt. It is okay or not is irrelevant. I am however defending my heritage. So you’re proud of your heritage of murdering native women and children and stealing their land. Straight from the latest Klan pep rally.

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