I’m with the Drummer shirt. Why wasn’t someone within the administration monitoring the work being done by FEMA? Donald Trump falsely accused Puerto Rico of not being honest. This administration should have assigned an independent official to oversee the process to ensure proper delivery. I’m telling you this family is in serious danger due to weight issues. They are worried about illegals. Diabetes and heart disease for George’s family. This is progress. Unfortunately, his success has resulted in unsubstantiated cries of racism and wrongdoing by certain City leaders where I live in California who want to play identity politics and espouse falsehoods from an I’m with the Drummer shirt. Spreading fear and a perception of unjust treatment of Hispanics.

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Prior to this person election, we had no such issues. It appears to be a pervasive grassroots effort to influence the I’m with the Drummer shirt. I believe the goal is to gain votes and spread socialism which is an earmark of most issues this person speaks on. It’s truly sad. He always not involve God in Politics But He always loves God and our Country, Flag and does anything for the American People. I hope your comments stop TY. If bother you keep it to your self. I don,t saying that God did make the winning, What it is about the word God bother you. He always said under God when the other side trying to take God from the Constitution and you don’t like that I mention God if it is so bad for you to don,t like it. I dont need your opinion ok save it.


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