They look so serious but they won’t be able to keep that Bob’s Burgers family Halloween shirt for very long. America wants Schiff to release the transcripts of the Voucher testimony. Schiff has leaked bits and pieces to fit his narrative. Republicans say the entire transcript will exonerate the president. This is one of the reasons the White House is not coming forward. Congress also needs to take a vote. That gives rights to all involved. All branches have their part to play in our country. Right now the Democrat leadership in Congress is overstepping theirs. I would like to see this go through the impeachment process with hearings in the Senate.

Bob’s Burgers family Halloween hoodie, sweater and ladies shirt

Bob's Burgers family Halloween hoodie


Bob's Burgers family Halloween ladies shirt

Ladies shirt

Bob's Burgers family Halloween sweater


Everyone involved on all sides of this Bob’s Burgers family Halloween shirt must testify under oath publically so that everyone can see what is true and what is false. The democrats want to impeach and Trump says, Bring it on. So, what are they waiting for. You need to look up how impeachment works. It starts in the House. After the vote for impeachment it goes to the Senate for a trial to decide if he gets booted out. So there won’t be Senate action till after the House impeaches Trump.  someone tell jeffy to get his news somewhere else. The Russia thing has been long disproven. You can make Ukraine jokes now.


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